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Skritter review

Skritter review


Skritter review A quick search on online offers a plethora of different websites, programs, apps and services that all promise to teach you Chinese ...

Skritter learn Chinese characters

Skritter - An aid for learning Chinese Characters

Skritter 1

Review of Skritter

Skritter is a nice-looking site. A fresh wash of blues and whites with the important stuff (and that furry logo dude) in red to stand out.

Skritter Review - The user interface for the Skritter App and learning Chinese Characters

Learn Chinese characters smartphone app - Skritter review

What is Skritter?

Chinese characters are one of the hardest parts of learning Chinese, and one of the major things that puts people off. You have to get in all the practice ...

Skritter Chinese 4+

After choosing your language, Skritter walks you through some simple kanji to get you used to draw the character strokes. You can use a normal mouse for ...

And now to the main point of this post: I have found the Mandarin vocabulary-builder/tutor I need in an app called Skritter. Since finding out about it from ...

Skritter 3

... site are written in a down-to-earth style which keeps things friendly and accessible and there is an active forum where other users of Skritter exchange ...

Skritter: A Great Way To Practice Kanji, Stroke Order Learn the strokes, folks!

Chinese or Japanese Learning App Review: Skritter


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Writing Hanzi (Chinese Characters): A Skritter Review

Is Skritter Worth it? Review

iPhone Screenshots

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... to memorise the structure and shape of each character, as occasionally, not drawing the lines at the correct angle and position will result in Skritter ...

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Skritter Chinese 4+

Two White Chicks in China Review Skritter



Skritter 01

Learn to write Chinese characters using Skritter for any mobile phone or tablet

Skritter iPhone app: Launch Page

Learn how to write Chinese characters with Skritter and Hanzicraft

It does mean that you'll often be a little slower when writing the characters and your stokes might not be as smooth, but Skritter ...

This is the second in a two-part series looking at online services for learning Chinese, the first part was a review of ChineseTeachers.com.

2014 年10 月14 日: Agenda Character Presentation Review: numbers and dates Birthdays

Skritter is an unique website to learn how to write Chinese and Japanese. Besides writing you can also practice tones, pinyin and meaning of characters and ...

Learn Basic Chinese Words

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Review of Chinese learning app NinChanese

Skritter iPhone app: Fluid Writing


  • Method our fellow students used:

Skritter Chinese on the App Store

Skritter Japanese App

Skritter Japanese app image

#dailyflashcard #skritter #Chinese #Mandarin #hanzi #chineseflashcards #HSK #learnChinese #Chinesecharacters https://ift.tt/2U6sdpF pic.twitter.com/ ...

Take ...

Best Way To Learn Chinese

After you have added or chosen your word lists you start to study. Skritter shows you the meaning of the character and you write it.

Learn Chinese in China!

[Android] Skritter showing cards multiple times in 10 minutes despite marking "too easy"

Skritter: Write Japanese 4+

A couple of other smaller things that I would mention: in the phone app there does Skritter 5

Skritter Japanese 2.7.2 Screenshot

... Skritter Japanese imagem de tela 14

It's YouTube. Uninterrupted.

A lesser-considered obstacle in Chinese learning is learning to write characters correctly, a

Skritter iPhone app: Info

Skritter 03

In the world of learning chinese, there are two big players: ChinesePod and Skritter. ChinesePod handles the listening and speaking part, and Skritter ...

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You have to write the character in a right stroke order and Skritter will remind you if you start in the wrong place.

Best Apple app to learn how to write Chinese characters

Skritter is generally just more complete than Remembr.it as an approach to learning Chinese characters.

... MCAT Prep To Go by The Princeton Review iOS App ...

How to add, create, and manage your lists on Skritter.

Chinese Learning Sites


iPhone Screenshots

Skritter iPhone app: Writing 安

Black Friday deals for Chinese language learners

Skritter Japanese app image


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Why You Should Learn Languages with Lang-8

Suggested Improvements

Skritter _ Scratchpad_11_2

The decomposition of 拿 shows how cool Chinese characters are!! 👁 .

Skritter - Japanese Learning App

And of course you have to test if you know the meaning of the word or character. First you only see the character and the pinyin, you think the meaning in ...

... TexturePacker ShowRoom Skritter Japanese ...

Chinese TestFlight: https://testflight.apple.com/join/xZGMuuNx Skritter Forum: https://forum.skritter.com/ pic.twitter.com/NI56ak7Vkt

Rocket Chinese Review

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